Our Materials

1. Over 75 precision milled log styles
2. A wide choice of timber frame styles
3. Handcrafted logs up to 24″ in diameter in different corner styles
4. Hybrid choices includes bark siding, cedar shakes, cedar siding and stone.
5. SIP construction for maximum energy savings and efficiency with the pleasant down-home comfort
and ambiance of logs.

Strongwood uses a proprietary industry-leading 4-Way Seal to prevent any air or water infiltration and insure that every home will meet the strictest energy code requirements for decades to come.
1. First, each log is milled with a single tongue and groove.
2. An expanding asphalt-imprenated foam strip called Emseal is placed on top of the tongue.
3. Then we apply a bead of Energy-Seal caulking to each side of the tongue along the entire length of each log.
4. This process is repeated on each log as they are secured with a special self-tapping high tensile screw every two feet.